Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Special Time, Special Place

Well it has been quite a ride this winter, with the weather's
ups and downs, warm and cold days.  It seems like the snow
wanted to get us but it passed us by and according to the
groundhog we have six more weeks til the first day of spring.
It's like he's the country's psychic  : D  let me think what else
can I ask him, will i travel this year?

During my escapes from cabin fever, fortunately I was
introduced to a very cozy pretty place, that you can indulge
yourself with unique beautiful gifts.  If I told you that
once you go in, you will fall in love with the way it's
decorated inside, and the service is exceptional, friendly
people, you don't see that anywhere. You've got to check
this place for yourself.  You can find this store in
Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, NY.

Take a look at their site

 below it's me enjoying a cold crispy day
 at Cold Spring Harbor.

This is me after I got my first cold of the year,
I have been home sick for weeks
but feeling better now and hope
to have a Valentine's post soon.

Please, share any of your favorite places :)

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  1. awwwww love you sis!!!!! you look great and warm.