Sunday, January 22, 2017

The beginning of a New Era

It seems as if the world is caving in with hate. With so many organizations, foundations,
political parties, confused genders, uneducated minds, people fearing for the worst and
more and more less people with faith, I find  myself with the need to ask: what is going on?
Why are some people so focused on unimportant obstacles in life, no matter what you do
or say, the earth keeps orbiting.

I am in disgrace to learn that there are many people so involved in the wrong things,
why not create something more productive, like in poetry, music, art and sports, something
that you can really use your mind into and you do it with harmony. For years people try to
achieve peace and yet we hear horrible acts in the news, it'll never stop because those are
people focused on the negatives of life.

As an artist it makes me sad to see so much despair, I am not entirely happy with the
Presidential results but it is what it is and I moved on. I am not going to let this take over
my life and my emotions, everyone can be strong individuals. The answer is to live and
love your life and do what's best for you and yours, creating chaos and joining strangers
in a rally is not the answer. It makes me really wonder though, what would people really
do in a terrible crisis, chant and hold signs that say "save me"?

Acknowledge the facts, when people go against something, they either get arrested or killed.

The point I want to make is that life is too damn short and you need to enjoy it. No one
can take your human rights away from you unless you're a criminal. There is so much to
do in life, like making a bucket list including places to explore, taking care of your well-being,
start a fun hobby and love the ones you love every day, for the rest of your days on this earth.

Keep your life in orbit and you'll see the stars.